[REVIEW] Open Minds – Susan Kaye Quinn

open minds

Characters – 3/5
Plot – 4/5
Style – 3/5
World Building – 4/5
Overall – 3/5

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“Mindreading is the new normal but when Kira discovers her developing power is different she realises she needs to step up & expose the truth.”

OPEN MINDS is the first in a trilogy of urban sci-fi novels by Susan Kaye Quinn, set in a silent future in which nearly all humans have evolved to read minds. At 16 Kira is still waiting to become a changeling and fears she will never develop mind reading, leaving her a zero for the rest of her life. However, after accidentally knocking her best friend unconscious with her mind, Kira soon discovers that the power she is developing is far more dangerous and exciting than she ever thought possible. Under the instruction of fellow mindjacker, Simon, Kira hones her skills determined to keep them a secret. But surrounded by mind readers, no secret is safe.

I loved the concept and the ideas behind OPEN MINDS. Kira’s world is completely fitted to accommodate mind readers in every way, from mind controlled cars and appliances to the new social norms of silence and no touching. Every aspect of the world seems well thought out and I love this kind of attention to detail. It’s very easy to dump a story straight into our society, but adapting it and moving it forward is so much more interesting to read.

The actual abilities of mind readers and mind jackers have limitations and individual differences, something I think everything sci-fi/fantasy novel needs. I enjoyed learning more about what Kira could do towards the second half of the book as she starts to experiment, after Simon initially took her under his wing to show her the basics. Of course, as in all YA fiction, our protagonist is the best/strongest/only one who can save the day; the story would have worked fine if Kira was just average. But who wants to read about an average girl?

I found Kira to be quite irritating at times as she had a bit of a Bella Swan attitude in the high school setting. The token love triangle with the old best friend and the new interesting guy annoyed me, especially when it was suddenly resolved it with no real thought process to back it up. Although I am glad it didn’t stretch out much longer, the reasons behind her choices could have been explored a little more.

As soon as Kira got out of the school in the second half she became the biggest badass ever! I absolutely loved her from then on. She saw that the situation and this new power was bigger than her, she saw what was at stake and stepped up. The second half of the book was without a doubt the better half; the pace and excitement picked up and I felt really invested in the plot and Kira’s safety.

The end came very suddenly and felt like a bit of an anticlimax after all the build up of the last few chapters. I honestly thought I’d reached the end of a chapter and there was another one to come. It won’t stop me picking up the next book in the series but everything definitely felt a little too resolved without a dramatic hook ready for CLOSED HEARTS (book two).

Overall, OPEN MINDS was an easy read with a great concept. I’m looking forward to picking up the next books in the series and while it’s not the most thought-provoking or challenging novel, I did enjoy it quite a bit. If you’re struggling through the stereotypical high school drama I would urge you to stick it out; it does get better!

I received OPEN MINDS for free from the lovely people at StoryBundle.com. My reviews always represent my own honest opinion. 


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