[FUN STUFF] Things literature has taught me about love

Inspired by Valentine’s Day and the uncountable displays of public affection hitting social media all over the world, here’s a little list I put together of things I’ve learnt about love from my reading adventures.

Image(Clary and Simon – The Mortal Instruments Series) 

1. Your best friend is absolutely, 100%, secretly head-over-heels in love with you and has been since the day he first laid eyes on you. How you remain persistently oblivious to this is kind of baffling, I mean have you seen the way he looks at you?! You totally lead him on too. You’re mean.

Image(Cole and Nikki – Everneath Series)

2. You will ignore your best friend’s frustratingly obvious affections and become obsessed with a seemingly unattainable rebel and/or supernatural being instead. Not cool.

Image(Bella and Jacob – Twilight Saga)

3. When the rebel and/or supernatural being inevitably breaks your heart, your best friend will wipe your tears and pick up all the broken pieces for you. He might even refrain from saying ‘I told you so’ (even though he so desperately wants to).

Image(Ron and Hermione – Harry Potter Series)

4. Your best friend will probably turn out to be the perfect guy after all. I told you so.

(Tris and Four – Divergent Trilogy)

5. If you’re a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man, it turns out you probably need a man. Because romance, right?

Image(Karou and Akiva – Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy)

6. Opposites attract. Yeah, things might get a bit rocky when you realise he’s slaughtered hundreds of your people, but true love conquers all, right?

Image(Hazel and Gus – The Fault in Our Stars)

7. No matter how you might see yourself, someone somewhere loves every single inch of you. Whether you like it or not (hopefully not in a creepy way).

Image(Cersei and Jaime – A Song of Ice and Fire Series)

8. Forbidden love is forbidden for a reason. No more Joffreys, please lord no more Joffreys.

Image(Ethan and Lena – The Caster Chronicles)

9. It might not be easy, but it will be worth it.

Image(Pat and Tiffany – The Silver Linings Playbook)

10. Never give up. There is someone out there who will understand your particular brand of crazy and love you for it, not in spite of it.

I feel far too mushy and sentimental now, ew gross. Do you have any favourite literary couples? I want to hear what books have taught you about love, life… anything!


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