[UPDATE] Dissertation, London Book Fair and cheerleading!

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated booklahoma but I’ve had so much going on that I’ve barely had time to read! I thought that I should put together a little update now that everything is on the way to settling down and I can look forward to a long summer date with my ever-expanding TBR list!

photo (6)

I finally finished and submitted my undergraduate dissertation at the end of March, which had been completely consuming my life for quite some time. 10,000 words of pure, unadulterated linguistic waffle. I won’t know my grade for a while yet but never having to worry about it again is the biggest relief! I actually really enjoyed investigating and discovering so much about the grammar of my five fictional languages (Dothraki, High Valyrian, Sindarin, Klingon and Na’vi – points if you know where they’re from!), but I definitely won’t miss the slog of writing it all up.


London Book Fair 2014 was such a wonderful experience, it was my first time attending and I definitely know that I want a career in publishing. The buzz of the exhibitions selling rights was amazing and there were seminars 9am-6pm every day with industry leaders; I learnt a ridiculous amount of information just over those three days! I’m now planning out my applications for the super competitive internships and work experience becoming available over summer; keep your fingers crossed for me!


Finally, my university’s cheerleading team competed at ICC Nationals, their first and last competition this season, a few weeks ago. As their head coach and teammate it was such an indescribably wonderful feeling when we left that floor having put out such a good performance. They’ve worked so hard all year and seeing their progression from absolutely nothing to solid level 3 cheerleaders makes me all emotional, like a proud parent!

The only things standing between me and graduation now are two more assignments and four exams, wish me luck!

Thanks for sticking with me while life’s been crazy, I’m looking forward to posting every week again! 🙂


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