[UCLPUB2015] Induction Week


Welcome to the first post in my new series – UCLPUB2015! Every Sunday I’ll be posting a roundup of my week as a student on the UCL MA Publishing course, talking about my experiences and passing along any handy tips I pick up along the way. I’m so excited to share my journey with you and hope that maybe these posts will help other aspiring publishers too!

Induction Week: 28th Sept – 4th Oct

This week has mostly been about introducing us to the university, the department and each other. We started on Monday with a quick departmental enrolment and, after a cup of tea of course, were whisked away for a tour of campus. We spent the afternoon in a more general introductory lecture, getting the chance to meet other graduate students across the whole department and ask some questions about our courses.

Tuesday and Thursday were easily my favourite days this week. We spent both days with our programme directors and professors getting to know each other, learning about our module options and generally having a lot of fun. We braved the Marshmallow Challenge on Thursday (our tower sadly collapsed at the final second) and took a handful of personality quizzes so the tutors can team us up for group work later in the term. We even had our very own Harry Potter style sorting, complete with Sorting Hat (10 points to Caxton!).

On Thursday afternoon, we had free rein of Bloomsbury to go discover the areas publishers, bookstores and iconic places. Check out the hashtag to see all our #literaryme tweets! It was amazing to get out and explore what a perfect spot we’re in for publishing. I definitely feel like I know my way around at least a little better too. We’ve been set homework on our Bloomsbury Bonanza, so keep an eye out for another blog post soon!

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind week of making friends and getting to grips with UCL, but everyone I’ve met has been so lovely and welcoming. Everyone on the course is wonderfully bookish and we’ve already spent a lot of time in the pub talking about Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and everything in between. Our tutors Sam, Mel, Dan, and Martin have made the week so much fun and have been more than happy to help us out already. I can’t wait to learn from them and pick their brains this year!

Next week we have an intensive Publishing Contexts module to get us up to speed on the industry today. I’m really looking forward to getting started on the course and I’m especially excited to meet all the amazing industry professionals coming in to speak to us. It’s going to be exhausting but I’m ready!

Charlotte x


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