Giveaway Policy

I love hosting giveaways and sharing lots of bookish swag with the wonderful YA community, but before you enter any of my competitions please make sure you have read the information below.

Unless otherwise stated, my competitions and giveaways are open internationally and are run through my Twitter account @fireflyreads. To win, all you have to do is follow and retweet the main giveaway tweet – this tweet will be pinned on my profile for the duration of the competition.

I recognise that fairness can be a concern when entering Twitter competitions, so I always try my hardest to make sure each person has an equal chance to win. I collate the entries in a spreadsheet as they are received to ensure that no entry is overlooked, cross referencing my list with to make sure I haven’t missed anyone. I switch autofill on when typing Twitter handles into my spreadsheet to prevent people entering more than once.

I stop collecting Twitter handles on the advertised closing date and time. I generate a random number using and double-check that the winner has fulfilled all conditions of entry before contacting them. If not, another random number will be chosen. If the winner appears to be a giveaway account, I will generate another random number. I don’t have the time or resources to stop giveaway accounts from entering, but rest assured that I will continue to generate random winners until an actual Twitter user wins. Giveaways are a way to engage with and give back to my readers, followers and the wider bookish community, so it’s important to me that the prize isn’t just another retweet in a timeline of random lotteries.

The winner has 48 hours to get in touch to claim their prize before another random number is selected.

If you have any questions about my giveaways and/or policies please don’t hesitate to get in touch. It can be hard to make sure Twitter giveaways are run fairly so I’m always open to hearing more ideas!

One thought on “Giveaway Policy

  1. Sounds good, apart from the 48 hours to claim, I think you can only stipulate that for time limited prizes such as tickets for events, look up Advertising Standards Authority’s CAP codes for specifics.

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