[UCLPUB2015] Week 5


Welcome to my new blog series – UCLPUB2015! Every Sunday I’ll be posting a roundup of my week as a student on the UCL MA Publishing course, talking about my experiences and passing along any handy tips I pick up along the way. I’m so excited to share my journey with you and hope that maybe these posts will help other aspiring publishers too!

Week 5: 2nd Nov – 6th Nov

It is well and truly autumn and the weather is becoming more miserable by the day in London. I’ll be moving on to my winter banner in no time! Somehow we’ve hit the quarter-way mark in the taught portion of the course, and that thought is absolutely terrifying. I feel like I still have so much to learn and we have so much time left, but in reality we’re almost done with the first term!

Tuesday was a little more stressful than usual, with a morning class on finance and accounting that took me by surprise! Our guest speaker was brilliantly funny but, as a hopeless maths student, I couldn’t help but feel like I was drowning in numbers and unfamiliar phrases by the end of our three hour slot. I will definitely have to go over my notes a few times before we revisit costings for our project! (Again, how did I end up as the treasurer?!)

In the afternoon we had our Publishing Project pitch. We were the last group so had plenty of time to practice while we stuck around on campus, prepping our presentation on our two ideas for publication. One of our lecturers seemed really into our mythology collection and, while we haven’t had any confirmations yet, it looks like we might end up with the project that the majority of the team really love. Even so, which ever project we’re assigned will have an open submissions period for YA short stories, so if you’d like to get involved make sure you keep an eye open for our announcement!

Thursday followed on nicely with a catch up on finances in Author Management before moving on to discuss copyright law with Richard Mollet, CEO of The Publishers Association. Richard was a fantastic speaker and I definitely feel like I have a good grasp of copyright now, especially with my internship in a Rights department. Theories of the Book was a lot of fun, holding a debate on the author based on our Foucault and Barthes readings and casting our minds forwards to think about publishing in the 22nd century (all glory to the robot overlords).

Next week is reading week so I will likely be frantically catching up with all the work we’ve been set for the course. Our first formal assessment is due on 13th Nov and usually at this point I would be blaming my human tendency to procrastinate for the rush (hey, we all spend too much time watching cat videos sometimes), but this time it’s purely down to how busy I’ve been. With uni two days a week, an internship three days a week, two jobs and a blog, I am definitely looking forward to a couple of days off!

Charlotte x